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Tess 2019 White Background

Hi, I'm Tess

A photographer turned professional photo organizer who is passionate about helping people organize and utilize their photos and videos.

Are you one of the many people who feel like they have an overwhelming amount of photos and no idea what to do with them? I can help!

What is a Photo Organizer?

A professional photo organizer offers a wide variety of services. My goal is to organize, manage, and protect your photos and videos. I can provide all of these services for you or help you to do it yourself if you prefer.

If it pertains to photos or videos, I can help! 


Are your photos causing you stress?

They shouldn’t and I’m here to help! Photo management does not have to be complicated and there are simple steps that can be taken to help anyone in any situation. Truly!

Are your digital photos stranded on your phone? Are your computer files an unorganized jumble? Do you have photos on old thumb drives, CDs, and countless other places? Are your print photos living in a shoe box at the bottom of your closet, buried under piles of random stuff? I have heard it all and I have a solution. Reach out to me for help, I’ve got you!

Numbers Speak

Duplicates Removed
Files Backed Up
Prints & Negatives Scanned




Digital Photo Organization

Family Yearbook

Keepsake Photobook

Digital Maintenance Session 


Print / Photo

Negative & Slide

Documents & Memorabilia

Video Services

Media Conversion (VHS, DVD, and more) 

Annual Video Reel

Custom Slideshow


45 minute phone or video call to discuss how best to tackle your photo situation.